Palestine lends towards developing an ecological politics rooted in the demands of the most oppressed layers of society, notably women and people of color.  the issues of population control and resource scarcity are debated not just in the ecology movement, but also between Palestine solidarity activists and the proponents of Israeli apartheid and occupation.  as the video points out, the forms of resource scarcity — in this case water — which the ruling classes reference are politically and socially fabricated.  in the case of Palestine it’s used as a means to take more land and resources, and continue Israel’s campaign of ethnically cleansing Palestine.

but theories of population control and resource scarcity are attached at the hip.  in the ecology movement, white supremacists make the same arguments about resource scarcity and point to larger birth rates in people of color nations, ignoring the vastly greater production and consumption habits for developed (read mostly white) nations in regards to underdeveloped (read mostly people of color) nations.  these debates came up in the Copenhagen talks as China and India were blamed for the current levels of carbon concentration in the atmosphere.  some of these racists have sought to curb the further development of these people of color nations, while others have advocated restrictive population control measures for women and families of color.

this of course ignores both years of struggle by women to control their own bodies and the social roots of the burgeoning population growth in the Third World.  part of this can be explained by imperial policies of underdevelopment that restrict the availability of birth control techniques and technologies for women to choose.  it should also be noted that imperialism will at times bloc with the most patriarchal and reactionary elements in dominated nations.  the US occupation of Afghanistan is one example.

when it comes to Palestine, Zionists cite fears of being demographically overrun by Palestinians.  their primary concern is maintaining the Jewish character of the state which is threatened by a faster rate of growth of the Palestinian population in contrast to the Jewish occupants of historic Palestine.  the patriarchal and racist history of eugenics is, here too, at the center of these politics.

all this being said, i don’t think the science of population control should be rejected completely.  it just needs to be taken up from an anti-racist and anti-patriarchal perspective, which involves a social explanations of the ecological crisis, and the crafting of demands on the terms of these oppressed peoples.