the revolts in the Chinese countryside during August and September have been something that i’ve wanted to get up on the blog for some time.  these revolts occurred in response to pollution, lead poisoning and other health hazards due to China’s expanding capitalist accumulation and the accompanying ecological devastation.

China’s importance in global capitalism has been evident for some time, but has become increasingly important for the ecology movement in light of both Obama’s tour through the Pacific some months ago, and the role Chinese rulers played at the Copenhagen summit… wearing two masks as both a developing nation and an economic power house.

this contributed to some vacillation by from below forces at the summit.  ultimately racist, imperial domination by the US should be opposed, but on the basis of solidarity with Third World working classes, not Third World capitalists.  tragically, this distinction was not vocalized by the grassroots opposition at Copenhagen.

both and have provided really good coverage of the revolts.  props to both of them.

on libcom:
Protest in China over Pollution
Update on Pollution Protests in China

from China Worker:
China Pollution Protesters Storm Lead Smelter
China: Pollution Protests Against “Death Factory” Suppressed

and finally, the guardian:
Further anti-pollution riots break out in China

strangely enough, there really wasn’t much coverage of these revolts by the green Left, or the broader climate and ecology movements for that matter.